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Travel & Tourism is one of the most exciting & changing industries of the world. If offers a plethora of prospects as well as growth opportunities. Many countries only depend on Tourism as their main economic industry such as Dubai, which is the best example of economic development with the help of Tourism revenues.

Tourism industry depends on many other industries too such as Services, Hotels, Infrastructure and all the developments led to growth in revenues by attracting international tourists. India has started focusing on this industry highly as well as states also allot budgets for developing & promoting Tourism. In the recent years with economic reforms, comfort travel, more purchasing power, & developed Tourist facilities, Tourism has increase a lot. People are travelling, going on vacations and this all has led to huge demand of trained professionals who can suitably work in this Industry.

IIEM offers a diploma course in Travel & Tourism Management where students are offered deep exploration theories, practices and business models that comprise tourism management, and combined with industrial training, our students are ready to take over responsible jobs in Tourism.

The courses taught in Diploma in Travel & Tourism Management are -

  • Principles of Management
  • Financial & Cost Accounting
  • HRM
  • Travel Agency Management
  • Tourism Marketing
  • International Tourism
  • Internet Marketing
  • Managerial Economics
  • Communication

We don't believe in only classroom learning therefore our teaching methodology is vastly different from other Institutes. We impart learning on all levels through different mediums which enables our students to gain enough experience to handle tricky situations as well. Our methodology includes innovative learning programs developed in synchronization with Tourism companies which gives ground realties to our students as to how the work is done what different skills are required etc. Industry Visits & Expert interactions help students decide which field they are interested in and what to make career in that field. A better understanding of the industry & its workings leads to better preparation for students in turn a successful career.


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